Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little Clip

I consider myself an introvert so when KUTV called me to do a 2 minute segment I had to muster all my courage. 2 minutes you guys.

Seine Macarons on KUTV

Seine Macarons on KUTV

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  1. wow, you did great! i came across this because i was on that program last week for a "healthy snacks" segment (my work made me do it). it was a complete disaster. they turned on those hot, bright lights and i froze. i forced out maybe two coherent sentences the whole segment (and i kept accidentally poking the hosts with my nose!) anyway. you were calm and collected and you did a great job as a two minute tv superstar. i am loving all of these macarons! (especially that earl grey one, ohh my). the photos are beautiful and i imagine they taste just as good. awesome stuff, amy.